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christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_074 christina aguilera bare feet picture christina aguilera female celebrity picture. christina aguilera picture of this sexy female singer.
christina aguilera barefoot picture christina aguilera close up picture of her toes and foot. christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_080 christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_081
christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_082 christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_083 christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_084 christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_085
christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_086 christina aguilera picture of this female celebrity. christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_088 christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_089
christina aguilera picture tnp-christina_aguilera_090 christina aguilera picture of her in fishnet stockings. christina aguilera picture of this female singer in fishnet stockings. christina aguilera picture of her feet in black pantyhose

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 Welcome to Miss Aguilera - one of the biggest Christina celebrity fansites on the web! We have lots of celebrity pictures, multimedia, downloads and up to date news! Feel free to look around and enjoy your stay :) Christina Aguilera's attorneys clearly have some serious time on their hands. How else to explain the bizarrely ambitious list of Christina Aguilera trademark products they recently filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?

The sexed-up pop diva's long-winded request - "War and Peace" without the story - is probably a first in the annals of self-merchandising. And that's saying something.

Among the products and brands she seeks to protect are Christina Aguilera contact lenses, crayons and anti-perspirants; Christina Aguilera badminton sets, ski wear and body shapers; and Christina Aguilera panties, modeling clay and - I blush to imagine it - electronic multiple activity toys.

Aguilera's trademark lawyer, Rod S. Berman, told Lowdown: "The goodwill associated with her name could be used to brand a huge variety of goods and services. She's a personality that is relevant not only to the higher teens and 20s, but also to kids." That probably accounts for the Christina Aguilera temporary tattoos. The 450-item Aguilera registry might be a little much even for Jessica Simpson's business manager. "If Christina and her manager believe those categories are fitting for her image and brand and career, then it's their decision," David Levin said diplomatically. "Some categories may be a little overreaching, but I'm sure there's an audience and a public for whatever Ms. Aguilera decides to market."

But somehow X-tina's crack legal team did manage to forget some potentially best-selling items - such as Christina Aguilera diapers, Christina Aguilera rope and Christina Aguilera handcuffs.  The long-running feud between Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera is getting nastier by the day. The pair have already vented their dislike of one another in a catty public slanging match. But now we hear that motormouth Kelly, star of the reality TV series The Osbournes, is using black magic on her pop rival. Sources tell us that she keeps a voodoo doll of the Dirrty singer in her dressing room. And she delights in sticking pins in the effigy, throwing it around and stamping on its head. "Kelly's obsessed with this doll," says a source close to the 19-year-old. "She calls it her Christina Doll and every now and again she sticks a pin into it and shouts, 'Scream, bitch'. "She also stomps all over it then bursts into fits of laughter." Read more. (Seems like Kelly has some serious issues :| )